Sunday, July 16, 2006

Canada Day - Out Sidney Way.

Coming from the nation's captial, Ottawa, one is used to impressive Canada Day celebrations. My daughter since moved to Toronto, where, to her surprize, she learned that Canada Day is not a big deal. So, moving to the small town of Sidney, we thought that the holiday would be a very quiet one here.


For a small town of 11,000 Sidney goes all out and puts on a 'do' that compares favourably with Canada Day celebrations!

It all started off Friday evening with a pipe-band, speeches, and live music on the waterfront, followed by fireworks over the ocean. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings there was a pancake breakfast, followed by a midway and sidewalk sale. Saturday saw a huge parade that took 1.5 hours to pass! There were all kinds of floats, antique cars, military and municipal displays of vehicles, bands, and floats.

On Sunday main street was blocked off and after the pancake breakfast was finished, the beer garden midway, summer market and food concessions all moved onto the main street for the day! There were even two live bands playing for the crowd, one at each end of main street. The festivities ended with a 'build your own boat contest' at the pier, where teams of three had two hours to build boats out of cardboard, wood sticks, garbage cans and duct table. This was followed by a race across the harbour, which result in the rescue boat getting a good workout plucking survivors from the ocean!

All in all it was a great family weekend down in Sidney.

So, in all it was sun, bun and fun for everyone!!

Douglas A., out Sidney Way

Saying 'No Worries' for now.