Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheeseburger In Paradise


in Paradise

OK; so we know that a REAL MAN would NEVER order a drink with an umbrella in it, but what is the protocol when the food comes with an umbrella in it?

This is the dilemma presented when the food arrived at the well-known Waikiki restaurant, Another Cheeseburger In Paradise. It is owned by Jimmy Buffett [pronounced Buff-it, or is that Buff-eh?] His restaurant chain is named after his song, but truth be told, the lyrics are ‘

Cheeseburger IS paradise’; not ‘Cheeseburger IN paradise’. But it does show what a good marketing slogan will do for you.

Anyway, the joint was packed, and as good as we remembered; right down to the waiters in grass skirts!! On the menu; Me – the Traditional Cheeseburger (a guilty pleasure) with Rings; for Jean – a Shrimp Salad – (sensible). Both dishes were pronounced ‘excellent’.

The Rarely Seen Smiling Tiki

Most Tikis have no smile at all, like the guy at right. Even the ones the locals claim are smiling, seem to me like they are


rather than smiling. There i

s no doubt about the Smiling Tiki – he is the real deal!!

Grandpa Out For A Spin

One of my favourite cars; this one is a 1964 Mustang. In 1967 I owned a

1966 Mustang, and still consider it the best of the line since it had a nicer interior. However, could you imagine a better place to own a convertible?

Great Feats!

Me; on the sun-deck.

Sunset at the Pier at Waikiki



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