Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hawaii Holiday

Winter, good as it was, is an ideal time to seek out some sun and heat, and what better place than Hawaii? We have been to Waikiki before, but we are here for just a short stop (4 days), before heading out to Kauai.

Fortunately for us, we flew to Hawaii in Business Class, which is a real treat and makes the flight so much easier. It was our first experience with the 'pods' and we thoroughly enjoyed them. Unfortunately, we did not sit together; Jean was settled in the favoured spot just aft of the front bulkhead, and I was relegated to the last spot in Business Class. You must feel for me; I was the last served, the last to be given the warm hand towel, and the last to be favoured with a bowl of real peanuts, (not some sort of Rice Cracker experiment that went badly awary). I really had to tough it out, but I hung in there!! Dinner was great (salmon, with an excellent mescalin salad, roasted vegetables and a creamy rice dish; chocolate cookies and ice cream for desert), and the service was impeccable.
It was a very smooth and enjoyable flight except for the fact that there was a medical emergency shortly after take-off. A passenger in the back complained of not feeling well, with the result that he was hauled off to Business Class, and put down on a pod where he could be worked upon. And I do mean worked; the call for medical assistance in Business Class was responded to by no fewer than 1 doctor and three nurses. All this was going on across the isle (aisle) for me, so I was treated to a live floorshow between servings.

I counted no fewer than 3 bags of IV fluid pumped into his veins, and just to vary the pace he was given oxygen, a variety of 'tabs' (tablets in the jargon) of varying strength and type, judged by the lively debate that preceded each lashing. And, as the 'coup de grace' (in a manner of speaking), the performance peaked with a bottle of fresh oxygen, hand delivered by a steward.

Now I don't wish anyone ill, (he apparently already was), but my concern was the muttering that in the event they could not stabilize the patient they might have to hustle back to Vancouver. He looked pretty stable to me; slapped down in one of those pods and with an arm-cuff on one and an IV drip in the other. In fact, as the flight proceeded he rallied to the point where he could ask for an ice cube. Then it was a drink of water. Next it was a coke. Now a headset. Then he wanted his movie resumed. Now it was time for a cracker. Next, bread. I think the jig was up when he weakly pleaded that a bit of salmon and a glass of chardonnay might do him wonders.

In fact, I had to wonder if the whole incident might not have had a subtle motivation to it. I mean, the guy did manage to make the entire flight in Business Class, and he had the most attentive service on the entire flight. And as for the medical staff, they had to turn away offers of help, even from a group of Japanese Tour Group, who spoke little English but thought they could give it a whirl in any event. At least the guy seemed to come out of it o
k; when we landed he bounded off the flight while the rest of us waited. We last saw him in the airport lounge explaining to all that 'this had happened to him before'.

Meanwhile, we got to our hotel, the Hyatt Place, Waikiki, at 8 pm, just in time to get out for a walk. It was warm, humid and ...... crowded!! We were last here about 7 years ago in Oct
ober, and it was nothing like th
e peak of winter. Anyone who could figure out a way to escape the chill has beat it off to Hawaii. There is no single demographic; young, old, married, single, young children, Americans, Aussies, Japanese, Canucks - you name it. All are represented.

Meanwhile, our hotel is excellent, nice rooms, a great breakfast, free wi-fi, an exercise room, laundry, a bar / cafe, and our room is very big and well appointed. Now its time to get on with it!!

A local, with friends,(those are birds in his hands) and,
the beach by the hotel in t
he early morning (a major beach restoration is ongoing at the moment)


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