Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Such Thing As A 'Bali' Flop

We are now in Princeville, Kauai, which is located at the north end of the island. Kauai is Hawaii’s fourth largest island, and is to the north-west of Oahu. Also called the Garden Island, this part of the north coast, where we are now, can experience annual precipitation amounts ranging from 400 – 600 inches. As one local cheerily put it, this is the ‘rain’ part of ‘rainbows’, which are very common here as well. All of this ensures a lush tropical environment.

Below: the scenic valley, just outside of Hanalei Bay. The same scene a few minutes later as a shower strikes.

Because of its natural beauty more than 70 Hollywood Movies were shot on the Island. The most famous movie made in the area was probably South Pacific. In specific, Hanalei Bay is home to Bali Hai, and the famous beach seen in the movie.

Bali Hai [where the sky meets the sea] in the

background of beautiful

Hanalei Bay.

Hanalei Bay is also where Peter, Paul and Mary are supposed to have stayed when they wrote the song Puff The Magic Dragon [who lived by the sea, and frolicked in the autumn mist of a land called Honah Lee]. Unfortunately this is a good story, but untrue.

Below is the beach, pier and backdrop seen in George Clooney's latest movie; the Descendants. We also recognized local str

eet scenes and even the restaurant, Tiki Pizza, used in the movie.

Below: Bali Hai Sunset

Signs of Confusion

A local road sign – done up Island Style.

A Local Character in Hanalei.

Below - Me; biting the hand that feeds me.

There are lots of wild and colourful chickens wander

ing all about.

They are

called the Brazillion Chicken; probably because there are a Brazillion of them on the Island!


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